In the worst month for MOT test failures, Cataclean launches special promotion to help more vehicles pass

In September, more cars and vans will take the MOT test, and more will fail it, than in any other month of the year. Approximately 43,000 of the MOT failures in this month alone will be due to unacceptably high exhaust emissions. But many of these emissions test failures could be avoided simply by pouring a small quantity of the engine care product Cataclean into the vehicle’s fuel tank. To encourage vehicle owners to experience the product’s remarkable benefits for themselves, Cataclean today announced it is launching a ‘16for2016’ promotion, giving buyers a 16 % promotional discount between September 20th and October 16th.

The discount is available on Cataclean Liquid Science for petrol cars and Cataclean Diesel from the company’s website,  Online shoppers can make the saving by typing-in the promotional code ‘16for2016’ when making a purchase.

To lower emissions test readings, all that is required is to pour a 450ml bottle of Cataclean into a fuel tank that is approximately one-quarter full, then run the engine normally for as long as possible but at least 15 minutes before taking it to the MOT test station.

Cataclean Liquid Science for petrol cars (450ml) normally costs £18.00 but is reduced to £15.12 with the special promotional discount and Cataclean Diesel (450ml) is reduced from £19.00 to £15.96.

Independent scientific tests have proven that, as well as reducing exhaust emissions, Cataclean improves fuel economy and provides protection against the clogging-up of diesel particulate filters (DPFs). In fact, Cataclean is so effective at clearing clogged-up DPFs that cause breakdowns, and at preventing the recurrence of the problem, that it is carried by all 1,400 RAC patrol vehicles.

Exhaust emissions in all modern cars are controlled by the catalytic converter, which converts the toxic pollutants contained within exhaust fumes – hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide – into non-toxic gases. When these carbonaceous deposits build-up in the catalytic converter its efficiency is reduced and so too is the engine’s, resulting in higher toxic emissions, worsened fuel consumption, and dulled engine response to throttle commands.

Cataclean contains solvents that can break down deposits formed by oxidation and polymerisation of hydrocarbon in fuel delivery systems. When Cataclean combusts, carboxylic acids, aldehydes and active peroxy compounds are formed. This process immediately cleans and rejuvenates the fuel systems, injectors and valves and optimises the combination and ignition of the fuel mixture. When Catcalean’s compounds reach the exhaust vapours, they clean the surfaces inside the catalytic converter, removing deposits and increasing the catalyst’s ability to remove harmful exhaust emissions such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. In some cases, emissions reduced by up to 60 %.

As the effects of Cataclean gradually diminish over time, it should be applied every three months.

Graham Fraser, director at Cataclean, commented: “Thousands of vehicles are failing the MOT test because of high emissions levels when they don’t need to. For so many of these, Cataclean will provide a quick fix. By introducing a promotional discount at the busiest time of the year for MOT tests, we hope vehicle owners will be encouraged to try Cataclean and see for themselves how well it works.”

Editor’s notes

Throughout the year 8,039,725 of the 27,669,148 cars and vans that take the MOT will fail it (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency statistics for 2014 to 2015). Some 5.8% of the vehicles with defects (approximately 466,300) have excessive exhaust emissions levels. Of the 1,008,626 motorcycles MOT-tested every year, 115,591 fail and 3.3% (about 3,800) of these have excessive emissions.

September is the busiest month for MOT tests because August is the busiest month for new car sales and vehicles are first required to take the annual MOT test within a month of their third birthday.




Cataclean’s ‘16for2016’ promotion encourages vehicle owners to experience the benefits of Cataclean by offering a 16 % online product discount between September 20th and October 16th when using the ‘16for2016’ code on


Approximately 43,000 of the MOT failures in September alone will be due to unacceptably high exhaust emissions. But many of these emissions test failures could be avoided simply by pouring a small quantity of the engine care product Cataclean into the vehicle’s fuel tank.


About Cataclean


Developed in 1995, Cataclean is the flagship product of System Products UK. Cataclean successfully holds patents for and supplies global markets in Europe, Asia, Africa & The Americas. The product is a fuel system cleaner for diesel, petrol and hybrid engines. Cataclean continues to market its products through established distributors in the motor trade and is available at retail and industry level.


Cataclean sales have grown steadily and now number many millions of bottles worldwide, driven by its excellent reputation and word of mouth recommendation.  It is available through an established, reliable network of distributors and stockists, a relationship that has created a secure platform for the business that will promote future growth and ensure regularity of sales, Cataclean has firmly positioned itself as a market leader.


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Directions for use

The recommended ratio for Cataclean is to apply one full bottle to a quarter-full tank (approx. 15 litres fuel). The car should then be driven normally for at least 15 minutes and then re-fuelled when necessary. For best results Cataclean should be used 3-4 times a year and can also be used prior to MOT tests to reduce carbon emission readings.


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