British-manufactured engine care product cuts vehicle emissions and improves air quality around the world

Helicot Trading Company has begun its distribution of the premium patented, UK-manufactured engine care product, Cataclean in Hong Kong and Macau. With initiatives in place to promote better vehicle maintenance and improve poor air quality, the Hong Kong Government is making real efforts to reduce vehicle emissions, the main source of street-level pollution in the city.

The patented engine and fuel system cleaning technology in Cataclean enables drivers to reduce vehicle emissions and improve fuel efficiency, thereby helping to benefit the environment as well as offering a potential fuel cost saving.

According to research conducted by The University of Hong Kong, the level of pollutants in the city air is substantially higher than levels found in other cities such as London and New York. Diesel vehicles, particularly trucks, buses and light buses, are the main source of street-level pollution in Hong Kong. In Macau, with the strict tightening of emissions regulations, many drivers are worried that their vehicles will fail standard emissions tests. However, simply pouring one bottle of Cataclean into the vehicle’s fuel tank once every three months, drivers can reduce the level of vehicle emissions by up to a massive 60 per cent.

Commenting on the benefits of Cataclean to the Hong Kong and Macau markets, Cataclean’s Regional Representative for Asia Jeremy Masters said, “We are very pleased that Helicot Trading has become our distributor in Hong Kong and Macau. Helicot’s well-established presence in the key automotive and truck service channels in this market ensures that both our car and industrial product sales will have the opportunity to progress steadily in Hong Kong and Macau.”

Cataclean is a liquid engine fuel and exhaust system cleaner manufactured to a patented chemical formula in Great Britain, for use in cars, vans, motorcycles and specialist heavy duty machinery.

In older vehicles, and vehicles used often in stop/start traffic, problems can occur in the engine and catalytic converter causing a drop in performance, an increase in fuel consumption and a rise in harmful exhaust emissions such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. Cataclean contains solvents that break down deposits in fuel delivery systems formed by oxidation and polymerisation of hydrocarbon. The result is an increase in the catalyst’s ability to remove harmful exhaust emissions and prevent the DPF from clogging.

Numerous independent tests and user testimonials have verified that Cataclean reduces exhaust emissions often by enough to make the difference between a vehicle failing or passing an MOT emissions test. One of the more demanding real-world tests, conducted on trucks working in challenging stop-start conditions at an Asian container terminal - independently validated by faculty at JMU, Liverpool - found that Cataclean resulted in an average reduction in emissions of 33.3 per cent and fuel savings of 9.7 per cent.

Hubert To, owner of Helicot Trading Company comments, “We are delighted to be distributing Cataclean throughout Hong Kong and Macau. Prior to signing the agreement with Cataclean we put the product through a number of real-world tests and evaluations and it’s fair to say that we were genuinely won over by the phenomenal results. Cataclean is a product that will not only benefit regular motor vehicles but we’re also very excited by the potential it has to penetrate the industrial sector. With so many local trucking companies concerned with road side vehicle inspections we truly believe that Cataclean can offer these firms a beneficial solution to lowering vehicle emissions.”

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